I have been a huge makeup lover since I was in high school. My mom is the one who first got me into it (I can still remember going to the makeup counter with her when Too Faced had JUST started out and she got me 2 eyeshadows from them, which I still have for sentimental reasons!) and it's always been a huge passion of mine.

I started off selling on Etsy in the summer of 2016, because I had been wanting to create my own makeup for a really long time. I was working from home at the time anyway, so it made sense for me to maybe switch over to doing something I was actually passionate about. I started tinkering with creating my own highlighters, tweaking formulas and making new colors and REALLY loved it. I took the plunge and created a shop, and it went better than I could have ever imagined! I ended up opening up my own store site in January of 2017 because I was more or less "outgrowing" Etsy. I wanted to be able to branch out and sell brushes and other tools, and just wanted to grow my brand in general. So, here we are! I hope you'll follow me along on this awesome journey!

Special thanks to Marshall for doing a lot of the palette art for our palettes, to Lola for doing loads of swatches on a darker skin tone for me, and Laney for product photos!